Seller Add Shipping Methods Guide

Add Shipping Methods Guide Step 1

At the seller dashboard, go to Configuration.

Add Shipping Methods Guide Step 2

Click the SALES dropdown and select Shipping Methods option.

Enable the the Flat Rate to Yes.

Click the Add Rate button to add new rate for shipping methods.

You can add few more rate if you give different shipping cost for customer at different location. For example, Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and others.

Add Shipping Methods Guide Step 3

You need to fill up the informations.

Identifier : Give a name to represent the shipping methods.

Title : Give a title for the shipping method, this will show during customer's checkout.

Type : Choose to set the shipping cost is based on per order or per item.

Price : Insert the price for the shipping cost.

Free Shipping : Here you can give option for your customer if they make a purchase for minimum amount they will get free shipping.

Sort Order : Here you can sort the order which methods to be display.

After you have set the shipping methods for your shop then click the Save Config button to save the configuration.