Bae Bae Diapers Ultra Dry 44pcs (XL)

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Bae Bae Diapers Ultra Dry 44pcs (XL)
The World's 1st Halal Diaper & Sanitary Pad certified by JAKIM


The World's 1st Halal Diapers & Sanitary Pad certified by JAKIM


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1) Ultra-Soft Stretchable Waist - Using super-flexible elastic spandex materials, wider width. Greater flexibility and adjustable waist circumference. More comfortable fit to the baby's body without leaving marks. 2) Skin Friendly, Silky Feels - Ultra-soft surface layer selection of super soft hot air non-woven fabric to allow baby feel more comfortable all day. 3) Nanoporous Breathable Membrane - Actively drain away the stuffy hot moisture inside the diaper, speed up the flow of air, breathable, impervious and prevent rashes at baby's butt. 4) Wetness Indicator - Convenient visual wetness indicator. Allow perfect timing for diaper change. 5) Innovative "Dual Core Absorption Body" Design - Dual core absorb at the same time. Absorb more, faster and maintain the surface dryer simultaneously. 6) 3D Anti-Leak Guards - Gently fitting the baby's legs and effectively prevent side leakage
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