Process Order Guide

Process Order Guide Step 1

At the seller dashboard, see at the top notification if there is new notification regarding new order.

If there is new order, just click the notification and it will bring to the next page.

Process Order Guide Step 2

Or you can directly click the Sales menu and select the Orders option.

Next see the list of the order that you have. Here you can filters for any status of the order such as Pending, Processing, Complete.

Pending : Customers already made order but still did not made any payment.

Processing : Customers already made order and already made the payment. This order you need to process for the next step.

Complete : This mean you already packed the item and send to the courier.

You need to alert for Processing status where you need to packed the item and send it to the courier. Click the View button and it will redirect to next page.

Process Order Guide Step 3

Right here is the important step that you need more attention.

First you need to take the information regarding the customer's details such as Name, Address, Phone Number and also the Item they order.

All the details you will fill at the consignment note of the courier.

Next you need to click the Ship button(green button). This will bring you to the next step.

Process Order Guide Step 4

Here you need to insert the tracking number from the consignment note. Under the Shipping Information, just click the Add Tracking Number button and fill up the details.

After you have add the tracking number, you need to click the Submit Shipment button at the bottom of the page.

Next you will complete the step by email the customer that you have packed and delivered the package/item.

Process Order Guide Step 5

Here you can see the Success notification at the top but your job still not finished yet. You need to send email notification to the customer.

Here you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and look under the Note for this Order option.

First you need to insert comment in the box. Example of the comment ; "Hi, your order has been packed and submitted. Here is the tracking number of your shipment "EN123456789MY". You can check the tracking number at"

Next you need to tick both the Notify Customer by Email and Visible on Storefront option.

Then just click the Submit Comment button. Your customer will receive the email.