Seller Dashboard Guide

Seller Verification Guide Step 1

At the top of the header at the right side. Click the icon with the triangle symbol pointing down and select Vendor Information.

Seller Verification Guide Step 2

Before you can proceed to upload your products, you need to update your account information for account verification. Although your current Status has been Approved but you need to update the information for your products to be approve.

There are three sections that required for your attention which is General, Company Info and Others. Please fill the details with the correct information.

Seller Verification Guide Step 3

Please fill in at least one director and also upload the director's IC.

Please upload SSM form 9 and form 49.

Any file upload must be clear. Any unclear file and information will be delayed the process for verification.

Seller Verification Guide Step 4

Please fill in the details of the person in charge for the webstore.

This will be used for any issues regarding verification and others.

Please state whether you are the owner of the product or not.

After you have updated all the information state above, please click the Save button.

Now you have completed the verification process and you can upload your product to the store.

Click here or this link "Add Product Guide" for the tutorial on how to upload the product to the store.