Seller Registration Guide

Seller Registration Step 1

Go to and click the "Seller Account" link at the top header.

Seller Registration Step 2

Click the "Create An Account" button for new registration or you can just Sign In if you already become Seller under Jamumall.

Seller Registration Step 3

Fill in your First Name and Last Name. This is for verification process of your account.

Seller Registration Step 4

Fill in your general information.

Vendor Id(Store Name) : This will be the link to your shop. So choose wisely because any changes forward will not be entertained.

Company : Insert your company name. This is also will be use for verification process of your account.

Insert the FULL ADDRESS of your company.

Phone number of your company.

Seller Registration Step 5

Fill in your Login Information.

Please do not use your personal account email.

Take into consideration that your staffs will use this login email address to manage products, orders and claim settlement.

Password : Minimum length of this field must be equal or greater than 8 symbols. Leading and trailing spaces will be ignored.

We suggest to use at least:

    lower case mixes with UPPER CASE
    Numbers and symbols (1234%^&*)

Seller Registration Step 6

Go to your email inbox and open the confirmation email from Jamumall.

Click the "Confirm Your Account" button in the email received.

Congratulations. Now you have complete the registration process. Next we will go through the Seller Dashboard and the next process for the verification of your seller account. Click here or this link "Seller Verification Process" for the next process.